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If you’re searching around your Rosemont apartment looking for things to do to , why not pick up a DIY project? These can range from anything involving apartment decorating to creating new ways to organizing your kitchen.  As laborious as this may sound, it may be fun! Check out the suggestions below and start that project today.  These things aren’t going to design themselves!

sourdough starter DIY

Today is food day here at D*S, so it seemed fitting to kick off the morning with something food related. This clever DIY sourdough starter kit from Armommy would make a great gift, weekend project with friends/kids or just a nice housewarming present for a new neighbor. I’ve never been much of a bread (or any other type) baker, but these sweet labels (available for download on Armommy’s site) make it a tempting idea. If you’re up for a little baking this weekend, click here to check out the project and download some cute labels for your jar. xo, grace

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I know I should really let it go, but I can’t loosen my grip on all things geometric. I’m not normally a slave to a particular trend or look, but for some reason trapezoids, triangles and rhombuses really have their hooks in me. So naturally, this amazing geometric light from Bec Brittain is at the top of my “OMG I want it” list. Bec wanted to explore the ways in which light and reflection change and transform, so she used a mirrored surface that would appear both translucent and reflective, whether the light was on or off. It looks like a giant jewel for your ceiling, and off or on, it’s one of the most gorgeous lights I’ve seen in a while. You can check out Maxhedron in more detail right here. xo, grace

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frances & francis paper flowers

I’ve never been much of a paper flower girl, but these paper bouquets from Frances & Francis are gorgeous. Made from real twigs, branches and paper, each looks like a work of art that will, thankfully, last much longer than real flowers. In addition to these smaller bouquets, Frances & Francis also makes custom wedding bouquets. So if you’re looking for something a bit more permanent for your big day, these could be a great option. Click here to check out their latest bouquet designs (Rosetta, Sofia & Juliet) online and place an order. xo, grace


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recipe bags

Speaking of food, how cute are these tote bags? Illustrator Alessandra Olanow (check out her sneak peek here) designed these sweet tote bags that celebrate a recipe from start to finish. Each ingredient is listed and illustrated, and the recipe is written. You simply take the bag to the market, pick up the things you see illustrated and you’ve got a meal ready to cook. I love simple ideas like this; I hope they’ll trick me into cooking more. Click here to check out Alessandra’s bags in more detail and pick one up online ($26 each). xo, grace

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