Give Your Apartment a Makeover at Rosemont Apartments

If you’re looking to transform your Rosemont apartment into a new space with a different theme, there are tons of decorators who can help you do just that, but you can also get expert advice for free! Take a look at the tips below, courtesy of Apartment Therapy, and see if  you can put their suggestions to use:

How To Drill Holes in Plant Pots





I’m sure we all have them: plant pots sans drainage hole(s). Sure, sometimes they can be perfectly fine as a decorative piece. But if you want something living inside it, you will need a second, hidden planter inside that does have drainage holes. But you still run the risk of root rot from standing water unless you’ve placed gravel or something else in the bottom of the decorative planter. So, what can you do to remedy this? Create your own drainage hole! More

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Losing Paradise: Endangered Beauties





It’s one thing to know that a heartbreaking number of plants are on the brink of extinction- it’s another to see lovingly-rendered portraits of those plants, knowing the gorgeous specimens aren’t long for this world, probably. An exhibit created by the American Society of Botanical Artists makes the plight of endangered plants painfully beautiful… More

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Chemical-Free Paint Removal in a Slow Cooker The Family Handyman


Paint might be the easiest way to make over a room, but many tenants or past residents don’t take the time to remove the hardware from their doors and windows before doing so. If you’re looking to strip all those years of color choices, here’s a way to do it without chemicals and without lifting a finger. More

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Adding Architectural Interest: Removable Wall Panels Renters Solutions





Wall panels aren’t a new concept, but they are a great solution if you want to add texture and shape to a room. Often described as 3D wallpaper, once installed, you can leave the panels as is or you can paint them any color you wish. Some can be easily removed, which makes them a great solution for renters. Here are 6 green versions to consider: More

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Energy Efficient Lanterns & Lights Outdoor Entertaining





Looking for some energy efficient lights to dress up your backyard this summer? Below are 5 you can buy, and 5 to DIY if you want to update a string of LED lights you already have or make a solar lantern of your own: More

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